Network Activity Indicator for Windows 7

Network Activity Indicator for Windows 7

This small program gives you XP-like taksbar icon for network
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Windows 7 developers have tried to get rid of many of the unnecessary notification messages that were present in the older versions of Windows. One of them was the network icon in the lower right corner. It was changed to a static icon so that it won’t be a disturbance for the user.

But some of us would need the network activity indication. We may need it to know whether any of the programs running in background are accessing Internet or not.

Network Activity Indicator for Windows 7 adds an icon on the taskbar to view the network activity. It flashes when we are accessing Internet or files on the network. It can either have an XP style or Vista style.

It also gives us an easy access to network settings and network devices using the menu that we get by right-clicking. We can see how much data has been sent/received. The program is freeware and has no annoying ads.

Unlike the original Windows XP utility (that has individual icons for each network device), this program indicates outgoing and incoming network packets on all networks by a single icon.

Shaheen Khan
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  • Small Program
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  • One icon for all networks
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